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We provide;

  •  Conveyancing, which includes transfer of property interest,
  •  Drafting of contracts of sale and purchase agreements, stamp duties processing, ministerial approval processing, transaction settlement, titles transfer, registration, replacement of lost titles, titles searches,
  •  Prepare private and State leases and commercial leases,
  •  Sub-leases and pre-leases, land tenure conversion, restoration of titles,
  •  Acquiring land,
  •  Tenancy agreements,
  •  Leasing advice,
  •  Contracts and agreements legal advice in;
  •  Corporate financing and restructures,
  •  Project financing, structuring and Implementation,
  •  Infrastructure financing structuring and implementation,
  •  Tax effective equipment and property financing,
  •  Equipment sales and lease backs,
  •  Preparation of loan, security and joint venture documentation,
  •  Administration and arrangements for receiverships,
  •  Liquidations and receiverships,
  •  Assist in the establishment of financial institutions,
  •  Advice on banks and other financial institutions,
  •  Banker customer relations,
  •  Forgery,
  •  Banker and customer negligence,
  •  Act in litigation on banking and financial agreements,
  •  Advice on Insolvency Act,
  •  Advice on personal and corporate bankruptcy in PNG including insolvency applications in the National Court.